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In the Merchant Of Venice:  Antonia describes the world as a place with great cultural diversities and the indifference in the religions of that time. He expresses this in the way he uses his words and also by dignifying all that surrounds him. His part (character) plays the part of a man who has achieved an almost aristocratic status. He had worked hard to have his own little empire. Antonia has played his role in the world so much so that his friends confide in him with there troubles and financial difficulties. like with most men in the world there will always be something just out of reach, be it love, money or friends. For Antonia it is love. He has portrayed compassion for his friend Bassiano putting his own worldly worries aside to give Bassiano what he longs for,  he places himself into debt so his friend is able to find love. His role shows things that some men are unable to attain, that is love for your fellow human being, compassion for your friends, indifference in religion and your status, be it king or queen, rich or poor, aristocrat or pleb, smart or simple. Antonia gives all and takes little, is happy but sad judgemental and un-judgmental, In love with love and dignified, a merchant The Merchant Of Venice.


Concrete Poetry (Swan and Shadow/ Bleeding)- SEE: Roy De Maistre “Rythmic Composition in Yellow Green Minor” (1918)


I believe that art is a powerful way into literature. for example by looking at this painting and the fact that it was painted for healing injured soldiers. the artist was a strong believer in music and art for a healing. So for me to look and study this piece I automatically think of poetry. The colours and spiraling contrast portray imaginary words that give rhythm and rhyme. the way the spiral moves in and out, colours that captivate the heart, brush strokes that create words that if seen give a poetic verse. We often just admire art for what it is but rarely do we link it with literature unless of course you are doing a literature course. Now that I have had the great opportunity to be given a guided tour by Michael Griffith, lecturer at the ACU. I now look at art and can instantly see the artist words through his brush strokes and the imagery of the painting. Literature in literal terms when written in poetic, prose or even when combined as David Malouf has done in the novel Beyond Babylon is also art.

Peer Reviews

“Song Of Songs” topic on David Maloufs Remembering Babylon.

Nice work Song. As I always say to you that what you do is amazing. Your understanding of the book Remembering Bablyon by David Malouf is an awe inspiring.Your writing shows from the start that you have great talent as a writer. I know how hard it’s been for you to comprehend David Maloufs writing,don’t worry mate I feel the same and I was born here and it even challenges me. Not to mention all the other students that study literature full time. Really like how you have expressed yourself over the past 6 weeks, amazing mate!.

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HI Esthertupe,

Thank you for your open and honest feed back. Yes it’s a very new chapter in my life as you have put it. And yes it is so true if we have no hope the future is dead. I’m a man of great conviction and live by a moralistic life style as the saying goes pride comes to a fall. This metaphor has played out in my life time after time but I’ve always maned up so to speak . This opportunity that I have been given I grasp with both hands and learn ,as every day we must incite our minds openly to gain new knowledge, to grow and with that I hope the wisdom of the unknown will be of ease and peace of mind to for-fill all my aspirations and dreams. So again I thank you for your feed back.

Rima Pritchard,


Hi Rima,
I really enjoy reading your blogs. You write in manner that is always so pleasurable to read, although sometimes the words you use use I need to get out the dictionary but that’s just me. I totally agree with you on why Gemmy was a forerunner in the eyes of Mr Frazer. It has taken me a while to understand and see the big picture as David Malouf write in such a dramatic and exceptional Way. Switching from prose to poetic prose and back again with relative ease capturing the moment as if a formal script for the theatre. Well done.

Gemmy Fairly’s a forerunner !

babylon-week-6-clemente-2017-001 cropMr Frazer not only sees Gemmy as a forerunner, but almost telepathically knows. From his own knowledge of the riches of lands and inhabitants, of history, his botanical knowledge and that of God’s will, as has been noted from page 118, Gemmy has the upper hand, a teacher in his own right. As Gemmy has survived here for however long is a guess by all. How could a child survive this barren land with natives in toe, no knowledge of tongue (language) and where to find food or water? In fact was he even born here, maybe a product of settlers before breeding with the natives? Mr Frazer must be unsure. As Gemmy lead the explorations that they had endured, all the while Mr Frazer, the educated man, was being taught. Here was a botanist being shown the land by this outsider, a mere child that had the community on edge. I believe that not only Mr Frazer sees Gemmy as a forerunner but also Jock McIvor and Janet have a perception that Gemmy Fairly is indeed not only a forerunner but someone that gives them inner peace. My own knowledge as an outsider, an outcast and of indigenous back ground, I fully understand how and why Gemmy Fairly is a true forerunner and  I now have a significant understanding of this book.


After a first reading of Remembering Babylon, my mind was literally challenged. The way that David Malouf writes is totally foreign to me. His style is different to most other books I have read. After the somewhat passionate debate in class, key points were brought to my attention. Essentially David Malouf writes with an intensely descriptive style. This in itself is an art form. He is able to write in a way that is more than just writing prose. The descriptions and the sentence structural format play with the readers mind. Even after reading it more than twice this book fascinates me at the same time it remains puzzling.


I’ve dwelt & contemplated about the story “Every Day Use”  written by the author Alice Walker. The mostly narrated story by the character Mumma reveals to us her thoughts about all other characters in this story. In this I found there to be literal logic. Meanings & feelings are portrayed throughout this story, much the same as in our own life stories. The character Dee, narrated by Mumma’s point of view, remembers Dee as a child’ how she wanted nothing more than to somewhat belittle her mother & little sister and also to escape her culture & ancestry. As on the other hand, Dee in character does not show this view. She remembers the butter churn, bench tops, & the quilts, how they were made & by whom and the care that was taken in the making of these items. Dee wanted to put them all on display to show & to embrace her ancestry. She even changed her name. Moving forward, Mumma explains that the quilts are promised to her little sister Maggie. Maggie says very little throughout this story. But narrated into the reader’s mind is all of her adversities & her significant attachment to all the items, especially the quilts. Mumma narrates every item & how, who & when it was made, the memories, their memories and memories for the entire family. The key was a piece of blue cloth that was off a uniform worn by a relative in the civil war. It’s not about what we as the reader get from all this information but what we miss out on. All things past & present create memories. Literal logic is in the memories of “EVERY DAY USE”. Continue reading “LITERAL LOGIC / ALICE WALKER”

MICHELLE AND HER YOUNGER SISTER EMILY waited out on the front step. Today was to be the day that their father was to come and visit. The summer sun torched and tormented their skinny legs while they waited. He’s not coming is he, said Emily. Oh shut up replied her older sister, you always say that. Their father was in-fact always late or would simply just not show. Michelle knew that her father had issues that young girls shouldn’t know about. The girl’s mother had no problem stating the blooming obvious when it came to the girls’ father’s defects. He was involved with the wrong crowd and was a thief , also had problems with drugs. Whilst Emily continued  waiting, watching her snow-white legs turn red like beetroot. She loved her dad and thought the sun shone from his ass, he could do no wrong in her eyes. Michelle paced back and forth in rhythm with her own shadow trying and watching to make her self bigger taller, it gave her the strength to hold back her tears. What are you doing Michelle, he’s not coming is he. Emily if you knew what I know about dad you would hate him, I won’t tell you either so don’t ask ok. This provoked Emily and she let fly with all sorts of obscenities: “fuck you Michelle. You always make out that our dad is a monster.” Well he is snapped Michelle. The girls were at it now, bitch, cow, booga eater. This was always like this when it came time for them to meet their dad. The girls were in the middle of a cat fight when suddenly they heard his voice. What in hell are you too fighting about. It was him the man they knew to be their father. His voice was not loud and harsh like both of them had envisioned. It was soft, calm, warm like the sun that once was burning and tormenting them both . Dad you came you really came. Michelle remained composed with her anger that lay within her but Emily broke down sobbing, tears filled her ocean blue eyes, intent on rolling down her red flustered cheek. Their father’s arms wide open, his palms hard like the pavement under foot. they all embraced in a huge cuddle. Michelle was hesitant, looking at the shadow that moments before she was embroiled with, Emily hugged him so very hard as if this be the last hug she’d ever have with her father.

Reading Tim Winton’s book the Turning, Sand. I have tried to portray his style of writing in this piece that I have written, called MISSED trying to understand the different styles of writing is a challenge. I hope that this piece has imitated the style that of Tim Winton.

Hello to all my followers. Thank you all. The feedback has been great and inspiring. I must apologise for my frustration earlier in the past week. I have come to realise I am uneducated and have very little knowledge about a computer and how it works. I also have little understanding about all the formulae that construct literal composites. So in reference to the topics that we’re to write and blog about I wish to gain more experience and knowledge in all facets of  literature and also improve my use of the computer. I want to be able to express correctly the creativity that lies inside me. This includes an ability to express it in poetry, plays, book writing, other forms of prose and news articles. I hope to gain knowledge and skills to achieve these goals by involving myself in this course that ACU has offered me, with the great help of Mission Australia. My hopes are that one day I would like to write books and plays and even compose the context for short films. I have life experiences that most would never wish to speak of, but here lie stories full of excitement that, if put in the correct way, can and will excite every emotion we possess. That is where I would like this new journey to take me.

This post is in reference to on the questions asked to blog about for week 3 of Exploring literature in literal and poetic forms. Literature in Spring.


“O”DAUGHTERS OF MINE ,I’m not there I know,

“O”DAUGHTERS OF MINE,I’d wished never to go,

My promise to you has diminished over time,

“O”DAUGHTERS OF MINE, My mistakes sing of a sad song,

How, Why, you’re both too young to understand “O”DAUGHTERS OF MINE,

“O”DAUGHTERS OF MINE,you see I’m off doing time,

My Love for you will never change even as we age,

“O”DAUGHTERS OF MINE, if only I could see you,

“O”DAUGHTERS OF MINE, if only I was able to wipe your tears,

To Hold you, To Show you, To Cuddle you, To take away the fear,

“O”DAUGHTERS OF MINE, My Broken Promise, The pain, “O”DAUGHTERS OF MINE,

”O”DAUGHTERS OF MINE, I Will not Stop until were together again, ”O”DAUGHTERS OF MINE,

“O”DAUGHTERS OF MINE, The end will come,

“O”DAUGHTERS OF MINE, The Pain, the Heart Aches,

“O”DAUGHTERS OF MINE, ohh, daughters, of mine

NEIL CAMPBELL “nineteenyearsinsideout”



black berries

The poem on the black berries, at first was symbolic to the fruit itself. After reading it a few times and also coming from a black indigenous back ground I felt lucky. he words used enhanced the colour black into one’s understanding of the rich flavour. Our ancestry would be entertained that our denounced  colour now has a lush succulent fruit to enhance the colour black. It is amazing how the interpretation of the poet’s words taste deliciously black.